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WWE WWE Supershows Results!

HARTFORD, Conn. As a tribute to the greatest fans in all forms of entertainment, WWEs Fan Appreciation Day rocked a packed XL Center Saturday, with thousands of passionate WWE Universe members showing the love for their favorite Divas and Superstars including the one-night-only return of The Game, Triple H - and those same ring warriors expressing likewise for their fans worldwide.

John Cena def. World Heavyweight Champion Kane by Disqualification
With Kanes scheduled opponent Big Show winning an Intercontinental Title Match in the events opening Battle Royal, Raws anonymous General Manager and SmackDown GM Theodore Long chose a surprise replacement for Kanes title defense. When the opening chords of John Cenas music played, the XL Center fans jumped to their feet with a deafening roar!

The match was cut short when Cena put Kane in the STF and Nexus raided the ring, resulting in a disqualification. Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga and Heath Slater then attacked Cena. The heinous assault prompted WWE Champion Randy Orton to rush the ring, followed by the entire WWE locker room, led by Triple H!

With The Game, The Viper, Cena and Big Show left standing in the ring, Cena thanked the crowd for supporting WWE and its Superstars and Divas, while many of the roster spread out into the crowd for autographs and photos with the WWE Universe as the show ended.

From each of us, who do this each and every week because we love it, thank you, Cena said.

Triple H def. Alberto Del Rio
With Alberto Del Rios originally scheduled opponent Rey Mysterio missing, Triple H stunned the Mexican millionaire by returning to a WWE ring for one night only as Del Rios opponent. Del Rio tried to back out of the match and run away, but The Game gave chase, dragging him back to ringside.

The XL Center erupted in jubilation as Triple H hit the Pedigree and put the lights out on Del Rios day for the pinfall victory. Then, when Del Rios personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, tried to save his boss, The King of Kings delivered a bone-rattling second Pedigree.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Zigger def. Big Show (w/ Hornswoggle) by Count-out
With Big Show rolling from a successful WWE Bragging Rights Trophy defense and a Battle Royal win at the start of Saturdays Supershow, it looked like nothing would stop the Worlds Largest Athlete from claiming the Intercontinental Championship from Dolph Ziggler. However, Zigglers patented Sleeper Hold was able to fell The Worlds Largest Athlete, making both Superstars tumble to the ring floor in the process. Dolph rolled back in the ring before the 10-count to earn the victory.

Following the match, Ziggler attacked Hornswoggle, who had been at ringside in support of the giant. Standing up for his diminutive pal, an enraged Big Show nearly sent the Intercontinental Champion to another continent with a monstrous KO Punch., Hornswoggle also got his own payback, with a Tadpole Splash on the unconscious champ.

WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett
Just weeks before the WWE Champion and the leader of The Nexus square off at Survivor Series, The Viper fought off members of Barretts faction and survived being hit with his own title to hang onto his championship. In the end, Orton countered Barretts Wasteland attempt and struck with a thunderous RKO to pick up the pinfall victory much to the delight of the legion of Orton fans in attendance, holding their signs of support throughout the contest.

Sheamus def. John Morrison
After Santino Marellas stunning upset over The Celtic Warrior a week ago on Raw, Sheamus earned some personal redemption by defeating John Morrison. Morrisons agility aided him in avoiding much of of Sheamus powerful offense until the aggressive Irishiman blocked Starship Pain with his knees, then connected with a devastating Brogh Kick to score the victory.

Vince McMahon thanks the WWE Universe for Standing Up For WWE (PHOTOS)
WWEs Chairman and CEO personally addressed the XL Center to remind the capacity crowd in attendance that Saturdays Fan Appreciation Day was all about them.

Some people may think Im out here to talk about politics. Nothing can be further from the truth. Although, I do encourage you to vote this Tuesday. While youre voting, feel free to wear a WWE T-shirt, The Chairman said, referring to his recently-won court case allowing WWE apparel at the polls in Connecticut.

I came out here to simply say Thank You. Thats what this day is all about It's about Fan Appreciation. No one appreciates their fans more than World Wrestling Entertainment," McMahon said. But no doubt, weve seen the WWE Universe be subject to ridicule by elitists, On occasion, weve been subject to out-and-out lies by some politicians. Weve been subject to distortion and equivocation by some members of the media.

Nonetheless, 14 million of us watch WWE on television each and every week here in the United States, McMahon reminded the fans, which means you stand up for what you want to watch on television. Which means you stand up for what you think is appropriate for your family to watch. Which means you stand up for what you enjoy. It means you Stand Up For WWE. With that in mind, Stand Up! ... Stand up for what you believe in!

McMahons words were met with a strong round of support from the fans, who clearly appreciated what he and WWE stood for.

Melina wins WWE Divas Dance-off
Whats a true celebration without dancing? WWEs smart, sexy and powerful Divas took the spotlight on Fan Appreciation Day to compete for top dance honors. It was tought, but there was no a split decision by fans inside Hartfords XL Center, who voted Melina the winner over Natalya, Melina, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Layla, Maryse and Alicia Fox.

After the dance-off and a brief brawl that ensued between the contestants, Santino Marella came to ringside to show off his fleet-of-feet dance moves. He may not win any dance contests any time soon, but Santino certainly won over the fans, several of whom could also be seen dancing around their seats.

United States Champion Daniel Bryan def. The Miz (w/ Alex Riley)
In another classic confrontation between these bitter rivals, the educated feet of the United States Champion and the self-professed Awesome One exchanged move for move throughout much of the match. Ultimately, though, when Alex Rileys interference from the outside went awry and resulted in a collision with The Miz, Bryan capitalized with a lightning-quick rollup to score the pinfall.

After the match, Miz and his apprentice attacked Bryan, kicking the champion out of the ring. As he exited the arena, it was evident to the fans that The Miz believes hes the only one who demands appreciation.

Big Show wins 24-man Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal
Inside a ring packed with Raw and SmackDown Superstars all still full of team spirit following their interbrand competition at WWE Bragging Rights - The Worlds Largest Athlete dominated the field to earn an Intercontinental Championship Match later in the event against Dolph Ziggler. Big Show threw Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre over the top rope to earn the victory.

On a day of appreciation, WWEs Superstars clearly didnt appreciate members of The Nexus in the contest. David Otunga and the WWE Tag Team Champions, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel, were promptly eliminated after arriving to start the match.

WWE Survivor Series 2010

WWE RAW - 27th Dec.
WWE NXT - 28th Dec.
WWE Superstars - ---
TNA iMPACT - ---
WWE Smackdown - ---
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Default Re: WWE Supershows Results!

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