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Smackdown WWE Smackdown Taping Results From Little Rock, Arkansas

WWE taped this week's edition of SmackDown tonight from the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas.

WWE SmackDown (Airing Friday):
* This week's SmackDown starts with Kane cutting a promo about Money In The Bank. Kane pumps the crowd about becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion.

* Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio in a two out of three falls match is announced for later.

* Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes b. Matt Hardy & Christian
- Hardy & Christian lose after a miscommunication. After the match they exchange a handshake and a hug.

* Jack Swagger cuts a promo backstage. He says he'll beat Rey Mysterio tonight and then make sure Kane is in the hospital after SummerSlam.

* Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger in a number one contenders match is announced for SummerSlam.

* Laycool is backstage with Teddy Long. It is announced that Layla will defend the Women's Championship next week against Tiffany.

* Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero b. Kofi Kingston w/his rookie
- Ziggler gets the win with a sleeper hold. He dominates Kofi throughout.

* Big Show is shown walking backstage.

* Big Show b. A Masked Man w/SES
- Gallows is replaced with a masked man. Big Show unmasks him and gets the win. The unmasked man is Joey Mercury.

* Dashing Rhodes' segment on grooming is shown in a pre-made video.

* Rey Mysterio does a backstage segment.

* An Alberto Del Rio video segment is shown.

* Rey Mysterio b. Jack Swagger in a two out of three falls match
- Rey wins the first fall via DQ when Swagger fails to release an ankle lock despite Rey having the ropes. Jack wins the second fall with the ankle lock when he caught Rey's legs when he was attempting the 619. Rey wins the third fall with a roll-up pin.

Rey Mysterio will face Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam.

After the match Swagger attacks Rey but Kane comes out and connects with a chokeslam. Kane goes back into the ring to attack Rey but gets a 619. Rey leaves Kane in the ring to end this week's edition of SmackDown.
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