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Default ECW & Smackdown SPOILERS for 6/10 & 6/13


Dark Match:

Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore def. Jason Styles and Brian Cage.

ECW Spoilers from 6/7/08 to air on 6/10/08 from Fresno, California

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal) def. Mike Knox and “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin. Evan Bourne with a missile dropkick to Mike Knox who was sitting in the middle of the ring.

Victoria def. Kelly Kelly – referee stoppage. Victoria counters a move from Kelly and tossed her over the ropes onto the mat below. The bump to the floor was sick.

Teddy Long gives Armando his chance to earn his contract tonight. He will face Finlay and that is next.

Finlay w/ Hornswoggle def. Armando Estrada. Finlay with the Celtic Cross to Armando.

Teddy Long comes out and gives Armando a second chance. His second chance will be Colin Delaney.

Colin Delaney def. Armando Estrada. Delaney with a DDT on Estrada who was still fazed by the Celtic Cross.

Teddy then gives Estrada another chance. This time it’s against Hornswoggle.

Hornswoggle def. Armando Estrada. Hornswoggle hits the Tadpole splash on Estrada.

The Estrada dilemma wasn’t explained to the live crowd.

After the match Hornswoggle, Delaney and Finlay celebrate in the ring. Delaney takes Hornswoggle's hat and puts it on him, then onto Finlay. Finlay gets annoyed, then he hits Delaney with the shillelagh.

Mark Henry cuts a promo on Big Show and calls him out. (Huge “You Suck” chant) Big Show responds. Henry congratulates Big Show in advance for beating Kane at Night of Champions. This leads to Henry leaving the ring and the ECW Champion, Kane coming out to confront the Big Show on the ramp way.

Kane and partner vs. The WWE Tag Team Champions, The Miz and John Morrison is next.

The Miz and John Morrison def. Kane and CM Punk to retain The WWE Tag Team Championship. John Morrison with his finisher to Punk for the 1-2-3.

SmackDown spoilers taped 6/7/08 to air 6/13/08 (Friday the 13th) from Fresno, CA

MVP’s VIP Lounge segment was taped prior to the official start of SmackDown. Tonight’s guest is Rey Mysterio. Rey gives the crowd an update on his condition and rehab. He will be back real soon. MVP makes a few racial remarks geared towards Mysterio and the majority of the crowd. The segment ends with no physical encounter.

SmackDown opening credits.

Before the cameras resumed rolling, Hawkins and Ryder wheel Vickie Guerrero to the ring. We are going to have a contract signing.

SmackDown begins and the roof explodes. The amount of heat directed toward Vickie was impressive. I was sitting in the 4th row and I could not really hear Vickie’s promo. Vickie calls out Batista. She tells him that Edge already signed the contract. She tells Batista that it is a standard contract but there were 2 amendments. 1st amendment, Batista has to win another match before he can face Edge at Night of Champions. His next opponent will be The Great Khali. Batista leaves the ring. Vickie calls up to Batista and tells him the 2nd amendment is, he must defeat The Great Khali tonight or he will suffer the same fate as The Undertaker, he will be banned from WWE.

WWE Tag Team Champion John Morrison w/ The Miz def. Finlay w/ Hornswoggle. One on one match where Morrison rolls up Finlay to get the win.

Mark Henry cuts a promo on The Big Show. Showing the world what his face looks like now, and a picture of what he will do to the Big Show’s face. (Instead of 1 black eye Show will have 2 black eyes.)

Another promo, Edge and Vickie. Edge talks about Night of Champions and makes references to the demise of The Undertaker. CM Punk walks in. He congratulates the couple. He then brings up Money in the Bank. The vignette ends with Punk saying he may just cash in MITB during Edge’s wedding.

Mark Henry def. Tommy Dreamer. Henry hits his World’s Strongest Slam for the pin after a short match.

Now we go backstage to Edge and Vickie again who are now talking to a wedding planner. MVP interrupts the two. MVP wants to renegotiate his contract with Vickie. Vickie is reluctant to do so, but she said if MVP did them a favor she would look into it. Vickie and Edge asks MVP to take care of CM Punk.

Cherry def. Maryse. With what appeared at first to be a single arm DDT but it might have been a double arm. It was sloppy either way.

MVP def. CM Punk via DQ. Crowd was very dead for this match. This was easily the longest match of the night. MVP gets control of Punk’s MITB briefcase. While MVP was in the corner Punk hits the running knee driving the briefcase into MVP’s skull. Punk celebrates to the crowd and that is when the referee turns around, sees the briefcase, and DQ’s Punk.

Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely come out to the ring. Chavo puts over Edge’s and Vickie’s wedding and then introduces the United States Champ, saying that he will beat him at Night of Champions.

WWE United States Champion Matt Hardy def. Chuck Palumbo. Matt Hardy used his Twist of Fate for the victory.

Chavo then announces the winner of the match and the "loser at Night of Champions", Matt Hardy.

Here you go Buck: Biscuits and Gravy!

Jesse and Festus def. Deuce and Domino. Festus had one of the biggest pops of the night during the match. Festus picks up the victory.

After the match, Deuce and Domino get into it with each other and a brawl takes place between the two of them. Is this the end of the team of Deuce and Domino?

The Great Khali vs. Batista is next!

Batista def. The Great Khali. Edge and Vickie watch the match from the entryway. Batista hits a spear on Khali. Khali STILL sucks!
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