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Default smackdown spoilers 23/5/08

WWE Smackdown Taping
Des Moines, Ia.
Report by Dot Net reader Travis Foy

Dark Match

1. Matt Sydal defeated Jamie Noble.

The beginning of ECW with Armando Estrada was taped twice because Estrada kept slipping on his words.

Smackdown Taping

Vickie came out and got booed to hell. She couldn't even finish a sentence. She talked about Judgment Day. She announced a tables, ladders and chairs match between Undertaker and Edge. If The Undertaker loses, he's fired from WWE.

They announced Teddy Long would be a guest on MVP's VIP Lounge.

1. Deuce and Domino and Maryse defeated Jesse and Festus and Cherry. Festus accidently kicked Deuce into Cherry and Maryse got the pin.

Chavo walked into Vickie's dressing room and said there were no hard feelings. Announced Undertaker vs. Chavo. Edge and Chavo decided the whole familia would be ringside for the match.

MVP's VIP Lounge was next. MVP was gonna let Teddy tell his side of why he quit but then he turned on him and started talking about why he doesn't like him. He was gonna beat up Teddy but Batista's music hit. Batista came out to say goodbye to Teddy. Batista said if MVP laid his hands on Teddy again, he'd hurt him. Batista kicked over some of MVPs set and said this is what disrespectful is. He even karate punched MVPs set.

MVP went backstage to Vickie's office and said he wanted Batista to be punished. Edge got in his face. Vickie announced Batista vs. MVP for later in the show.

2. Finlay defeated Chuck Palumbo. Hornswoggle spat green mist at Palumbo, and Finlay followed up by hitting him with the shillelagh.

3. Batista defeated MVP. A lot of "Monty Sucks" chants. Batista's arm got beat on most of the match. Batista won with the Batista Bomb.

4. Vladimir Kozlov defeated Nunzio. Squash match.

5. Matt Hardy and Kofi Kingston defeated Elijah Burke & Shelton Benjamin. Burke and Benjamin double teamed Hardy. Kofi got the hot tag. Kofi hit his Trouble in Paradise kick on Benjamin for the pin.

6. Undertaker defeated Chavo Guerrero. Edge and The Edgeheads were kicked from ringside. Bam Neely snuck around the ring to stick around. Neely distracted the ref until Taker knocked him down. Taker won with the Tombstone. After the match, the entire Familia attacked Undertaker until Kane saved him. Multiple chokeslams and Tombstones later, the show was over.

Decent show, boring in parts but it probably depends on who you are or where you were sitting.
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