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ECW Results Jan 29th

Tonight on ECW on Sci-Fi: We get all the fallout from Chavo Guerrero's surprising title win over CM Punk last week. Should be a good one!

And we are LIVE! from Reading, Pa. where tonight we get the pleasure of watching Chavo Guerrero's Championship Fiesta.

Match #1 - Kane (Hell, Fire & Brimstone) vs. Shelton Benjamin (Orangeburg, SC)

Well, this is a rather interesting matchup, as Shelton is being pushed lately and Kane really shouldn't be losing to a smaller guy like this. Typical ECW booking.

Great move of the early part of the match: With Kane on the top rope, Shelton leaps to the top rope and quickly hits a superplex.

The move doesn't pay off, though, as Kane kicks out.

From there, Benjamin goes to work on Kane's left leg, throwing it into the ring post and using various other leg holds.

Kane, though, works through it and hits some of his offense but is still hampered by his knee -- although he is able to hit a front powerslam, a sidewalk slam and his top-rope clothesline.

Kane goes for the chokeslam but Shelton counters. He goes to the top where he is greeted by Kane who grabs the throat again but Shelton rings him on the rope.

After a big boot, Shelton high-tails it up the ramp leaving an angry Kane in the ring.

Winner via countout: Kane

Kelly Kelly is heading to the ring!


Match #2 - Kelly Kelly (Jacksonville, Fla.) vs. Victoria (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Someone call the milk company and let them know they can take Victoria off their cartons!

Kelly makes the big mistake of shoving Victoria and proceeds to get rag-dolled as Layla and Lena Yada make their way to the ring to cheer on Victoria.

Kelly gets a few brief hope spots before Victoria hits one of the best finishers in the company, the Widow's Peak, for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Victoria

Post-match, Layla picks Kelly up and shoves her down. Totally insult to injury.

Colin Delaney is backstage with tape covering about 80 percent of his upper-body. He'll be here tonight! Yay!


Tazz is in the ring with Colin Delaney who is actually looking a tad scared this week. Tazz says he has some good news for Colin: He doesn't have to face any of those guys tonight. In fact, he doesn't even have to face one man.

Match #3 - Handicap Match - Colin Delaney (Rochester, NY) vs. The Miz (Cleveland, Ohio) & John Morrison (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Colin gets offense! Colin gets offense! He moves out of the way of a running Morrison clothesline and accidentally low-bridges Miz.

After hitting a move that should end it, Miz lifts Delaney's shoulder at two.

Miz then hits the Reality Check and Morrison hits the corkscrew neckbreaker for the cover.

Winners via pinfall: John Morrison & The Miz

Miz and Morrison continue the beatdown post-match but Tommy Dreamer runs down and makes the save.


Match #4 - CM Punk (Chicago, Ill.) vs. Elijah Burke (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Hey, welcome back to May 2007! I actually pre-wrote Nunzio in this slot when Punk was entering but they surprised me with this one.

Burke takes control early but it all turns quickly on Burke as he goes for a leap frog, but Punk stays underneath to lift him right into GTS. Good night now.

Winner via pinfall: CM Punk

Coming up later, it's the Chavo Guerrero Championship Fiesta.


Match #5 - Kofi Kingston (Jamaica) vs. Rob Echo (Parts Unknown)

I think Tony Chimel said Rob Echo. Not like it matters anyway.

I haven't seen someone as quick as Kofi Kingston since I saw Michigan State's Kalin Lucas run all over Michigan on Sunday.

But, yeah, the match. Kingston wins a squash.

Winner via pinfall: Kofi Kingston

A Mariachi band is in the house for the Chavo Guerrero Championship Fiesta and it's coming up next!


ECW General Manager Armando Estrada is in the ring with the performing Mariachi band which, unbelievably, is getting booed. USA! USA! USA!

Estrada introduces Chavo who saunters to the ring. Estrada informs Chavo that both Vickie Guerrero and Edge will not be here tonight due to the injury suffered by Vickie at the Royal Rumble.

But Edge still took the time to send a pre-recorded message to congratulate Chavo. On top of that, Uncle Edge has had a video package made detailing Chavo's rise to the top.

With the package done, Chavo takes the mic and thanks Edge and Vickie. Chavo says he has one thing to say to the fans: "I told you so!" He says that he told them that CM Punk is not the future of this business, bringing a "You Suck" chant. He tells them to take a good look at the new champion.

He then kicks it over to the band and starts dancing and making noises to accompany the music and a ton of red and green balloons fall from the ceiling as Chavo gloats to the crowd.

As things get going, a member of the band lays out Guerrero with a guitar. After removing wig and mustache, it is none other than CM Punk. Good to see they still had extra Jeff Jarrett guitars in the warehouse.

Punk stands out Chavo as we fade to a show no one cares about and I change the channel to the Oilers-Sharks game on Versus.
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