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Default Dana White Says No More Toney In UFC; Couture's Place In History

Dana White Says No More Toney In UFC; Couture's Place In History

UFC president Dana White made things simple for fans and members of the MMA media who were questioning what happens next with James "Lights Out" Toney and the UFC in the future: nothing happens next.

White confirmed the end of their working relationship in his post-UFC 118 interview with Ariel Helwani and AOL Fanhouse on Saturday night in Boston.

The interview, which was shot shortly after the UFC 118 post-fight press conference , featured White point-blank stating that we won't be seeing Toney involved in any future MMA fights. Well, at least any MMA fights that are promoted by Dana White and the UFC.

The news doesn't exactly come as a surprise as Toney fought (if you can call it that) what was basically the worst performance one could, even under the circumstances he was facing. As we reported last night, for all intents and purposes, James Toney statistically shot an air ball in front of the entire world, with the game for his team (boxing) on the line. As far as MMA fans are concerned, and we're talking the type of MMA fan that has zero interest in boxing (which doesn't seem possible, by the way), Toney will likely be recognized in the MMA world strictly for what was one of the most embarassing outings in octagon history.

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every single person that watches MMA knew Toney was going to get taken down and lose lol
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