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WWE Top UFC Star Wants Taker Match In WWE Or Lesnar Fight

The following is an excerpt from an interview with former Ultimate Fighter winner Roy "Big Country" Nelson:

The mention of the WWE took the interview in a peculiar direction and it was a path that Nelson was more than happy to walk down.

When asked if I had heard his answer correctly he replied, "I'll fight Brock in the UFC because they actually put on fights that the fans want to see. If the UFC isn't up for it and we have to do it in the WWE that's fine. If Brock still doesn't want to fight there I guess I'll take on the Undertaker because I'm sure he'd be happy to fight me. We can do Hell in the Cell or we can even do a complete throwback and sign a Lion's Den match like Ken Shamrock. I can get paid to act. What's wrong with the A-Team? I'll be like Rampage but I think I have a little better personality. I can bring back some tag lines like "Whatcha talking bout foo?" then I'll come with the "Whatcha talking bout Wills?"
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