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if cena and orton left now the nexus rivalry wouldn't work, sheamus would not work on his own against edge, at the moment WWE is relying on cena orton and nexus to get ratings, wwe at the moment for me, is at one of it's worst times entertainment wise in the history of wwe, you watch through crap so you can see cena vs nexus as the main event, nxt is the only thing left in wwe doing well, smackdown, is awful, which is a shame because for me back in 2007-8 smackdown was the best show wwe have ruined it by having a flagship show, yes raw is longest running but they should balance it out, edge and jericho are doing nothing on raw becaus ethere are to many other big superstars on the show, if it was me i would move edge and jericho back to sd now! there are some younger superstars on smackdown but they need to be pushed into a rivalry with an experienced wrestler such as edge or jericho it will give the younger superstar a boost in popularity while still maintaining the reputation of main event status for edge or jericho, there is my view, and it's pretty straight forward wwe at the moment is ruining itself by concentrating on one show.
I wouldnt say that they are entirely focusing on raw. most of the action is happening on raw i will admit with the nexus storyline. on smackdown pretty much all there is is the taker vs kane feud. but i agree edge and jericho are being extremely under-used. i mean jericho is jobbing to barret and tons of other people, and edge isnt doing much of anything.

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