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Raw *Spoilers* WWE RAW 23rd August Taping Results

RAW spoilers for next week from the taping in Los Angeles

Sheamus opened Raw by ragging on Randy Orton. He said that he is in charge tonight and will get to pick the matches.
Edge beat R Truth with a Spear. Edge let it be known he is in the title match.

Chris Jericho beat Great Khali.

Jillian's push lasted one night as Melina came out and stopped her when she was singing, then beat her. LayCool said they want to wrestle Melina at Night of Champions.

Miz did a promo explaining the logic gap of not taking Sheamus' title at SummerSlam by saying he was focused on wrestling for Team WWE. He said he wants John Cena and will get him later tonight.

Nexus came out. The AIM-GM said that they did great last week and now they can have title shots. Wade Barrett said that is bad news for Sheamus and they are coming after him.

Cena vs. Miz went to a DQ when Daniel Bryan ran in and attacked Miz. Cena and Bryan left Miz laying.

Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella beat The Usos. Tamina still likes Santino. Poor Usos.

Randy Orton beat John Morrison and Ted DiBiase after an RKO on Morrison. Orton laid out DiBiase too.

Sheamus chose to pick Zack Ryder. He pinned him in 10 seconds. Sheamus said he would take some time off now. The AIM-GM said no. There will be a Six Pack Challenge at Night of Champions, Sheamus defending against Barrett, Orton, Cena, Edge and Jericho. A brawl ends the show. Orton laid out Cena with an RKO to show it's every man for himself.


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