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WWE WWF.The.Music.Vol.3


Undertaker - "Darker Side"  3:35 
Edge - "You Think You Know Me"  3:16 
X-Pac - "Make Some Noise"  3:11 
Dude Love - "The Dudester"  3:08 
Kane - "Burned"  3:12 
The Rock - "Do You Smell It"  3:14 
Gangrel / The Brood - "Brood"  3:43 
Ken Shamrock - "Dangerous Man"  2:58 
Oddities - "Oddities"  3:40 D-Generation X - "Break It Down"  2:50 
Sable - "Wildcat"  2:55 
New Age Outlaws - "Oh You Didn't Know"  2:59 
Val Venis - "Hello Ladies"  3:37 
Stone Cold Steve Austin - "I Won't Do What You Tell Me To"  3:38

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